Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nicaraguan Socks

Eeeek. It's been FOREVER since I actually finished these socks and I never updated or uploaded my pictures to share with the world. Shame on me.

I started these socks when I was on my way to Nicaragua. Then I put them down to work on my thesis. Then teaching ensued. Finally I finished the last one. I love wearing them.

Janelle’s recommendation for the twisted rib is a perfect pattern for socks. This was also the first sock pattern I basically made myself out of my head. It was a toe up construction. It was a great learning process. I know that I will definitely make several modifications with the next pattern. I'm also quit interested in learning how to shape my socks.

P.S. - My friend Janelle just made her first sock pattern. Try it out. I can't wait to knit up my own pair!

Manly Mits

Oh dear I have been remiss in updating my blog with my latest knitting and life escapades. I'm going to try and do several knitting posts to get it up to date over the next week or two...

I’m back to my good ‘ole blue colors…

I did some altering because I liked the yarn and I liked the pattern I got with gauge, but I had about 4 more stitches per inch than the pattern called for. I just scaled the pattern up with some handy math and the gloves turned out fantastic!

I really enjoy how they turned out, too. They were super-warm this winter.