Sunday, September 14, 2008

Memories - A glass of wine

Never time for anything in life is there? I still have a lot to expand upon post-Argentina, and I will post it sometime soon, damnit!

What is it about a glass of wine?

I am above my head with work. I'm applying for a grant, doing calculations for instrumental, reading for molecular...all while breathing. I think it's funny how quickly I've re-assimilated into my US life. Some things are good, most things aren't. You might find that as a shock, but it's the truth honestly.

It's funny things that still bother me. Mostly things that I'm ashamed of my fellow Americans, e.g. the polls, why are we so stupid?

if I take a moment to breathe, it's amazing what happens. I have just been taken back to Buenos Aires by having a glass of Malbec wine during a break. It makes me think of all the funny glassware the folks bring out at an Argentine restaurant. It makes me think of all my amazing experiences I had in Santiago del Estero, when we shared glasses of wine before we volunteered. Oh my, it makes me think of maté and talking for hours with my host mother.

Odors, flavors, scenery...they all can make us bring back fond memories. Have you thought about the fond memories in your past?

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