Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finished a Pair of Socks

So I finally finished this pair of socks that was kind of being drug out from before I arrived here. These were knitted with Knitpicks 'Felici' Yarn with the Arugula colorway. It's 75% Merino Wool and 25% Nylon Acrylic. It was really nice to knit with.

I used a toe-up pattern and I did a 4x4 rib. I decided to vary it by ever 2 rows doing 4K, 4P, and then alternating with 4K, 1P, 1K, 1P. I like the effect. This was my first toe up sock. I think I will do more like this because they look a bit more professional to me--only my opinion.

I would encourage anyone making these to look at Cat Bordhi's YouTube Videos for wrapped stitches. They really made it easy to learn this technique. I believe her patterns call for single wrapped stitched, but mine called for double wrapped stitches.

I used the Knitty Pattern pattern for Universal Toe Up Socks, and it was very easy to follow. However I made some changes. I used Judy Becker's magic cast on--Cat Bordhi demonstrates on YouTube--and I multiplied the the circumference number by .85 instead of .9. All this did was made the sock a bit more snug, reducing the final circumference by 15% instead of 10%. I like how it turned out and I will do it again.

So I was really proud to wear this socks because I finished them. I wore them to my meeting yesterday morning with my Independent Study advisor and accidently stepped in a puddle while walking home. You can see how dirty my brand new sock got. Erg...was frustrating.

My host mother wanted these socks. It was too bad they didn't fit her--since they were created for my feet. I will make her a pair before I leave.

Meanwhile...I want more of this yarn...its really cool.

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Steven said...

The socks are great! I need to get me some of that yarn. Green is my favorite color -- and today is St. Patrick's Day. Synchronicity!

Sorry you got them muddy -- but they're superwash, right?

Sean said...

Wow, those look really sharp! I totally need to learn that short row, wrapped heel. That style looks so cool.

I've also never done a toe-up pattern before, and I should really give it a try. I'm a bit bored lately with my standard sock pattern.

Thanks for sharing the link out to Knitty!

neagley said...

I'm glad you like the socks. I didn't even think about the fact that the were St. Patrick's Day colors.

I didn't have any trouble with getting the mud out. I took them to the lavandería and they washed up quite nicely.

Thanks for the kudos. I really like the look of the wrapped heal stitches. I think they look more like real commercial socks, but still have that hand made touch.

The pattern formula is nice because its adaptable to size. Let me know what you think if you try it. Also, I would subtract 15% instead of 10% for a tighter fitting sock.