Tuesday, March 11, 2008

School Starts for me, Spring break for GC

It's March. Usually by this time I'm sick of the semester. This year, however, my calendar has been turned on its side, as I'm only beginning my classes here in Buenos Aires this week. This week I've been afforded the opportunity to hear many stories about Spring Break from my friends. I want to pass this one in particular onto all of you because I think it's something very important.

Two of my friends Morgan and Alli--both future teachers--had the opportunity to go to Wisconsin during Spring Break not for vacation, but to learn. They were learning about the Bernstein Center for Learning model of teaching in the midwest. In fact Alli was featured in this article in the Des Moines Register.

I think what's really fantastic about this is that this model of teaching harnesses student and teacher creativity in a way that assists students to reach their academic goals. The program emphasizes teaching a subject through the arts and humanities. It's an approach more teachers should adopt.

One example might be to create a lesson about the Holocaust through photos--or even poetry--from the Holocaust. Then have the students experiment with taking their own pictures or making their own "history" through the arts. Afterward the teacher would bring them back to reflect on the topic history with the gained experience of the history and the way that a historian reflects images when they write history.

Anyway, hope you'll browse to the web site and the article. It's great information for everyone.

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