Monday, March 17, 2008

Go VEGAN! - The contradictions of BA

I took this picture with one person in mind, followed by a group of other people. This photo is especially for Madeline, but also for all of my vegetarian friends and readers.

I found this graffiti on the side of the zoo walking towards another Jardín Japones. I thought it was neat because it is very contradictory to Argentina's cultural attitude toward vegetarians.

Generally Argentines don't understand Vegetarianism. There are actually a lot of vegetarians in the program and they are finding it difficult to communicate especially to waiters. A lot of of times you'll ask the waiter, "¿Tenés opciones para vegitarianos?" (Do you have vegitarian options?) Then the respond will include some entré that has chicken. Then you say again, "Quiero comida sin carne o pollo o carne de animales," (I want food without meat--aka beef--or chicken, or meat from animals) and then they'll finally give you some options. It's funny. Believe me it is possible to eat very well here as a vegetarian, it's just that you have to make an extra effort to get your point across. However, I think it would be trying to adhere to a vegan diet.

When I saw this graffiti post I just laughed because almost all of the traditional meals here revolve around meat: empanadas, milanesa, bifé de chorizo, raviola espinaca con salsa roja carne, et al. I would argue that graffiti is an art form and, as art, it is a reflection of culture. I've been thinking for over a month how I could interpret this. I guess I just have resolved that it is a social commentary on the large amount of meat (primarily beef and chicken) that Argentines consume.

I was looking for something way more profound, but I couldn't think of anything. There you have it.

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