Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trip to Bariloche - Part 4, last part

This is the center of Bariloche. The artesian market
was right behind this plaza.

Sunday morning we had breakfast in the hotel and checked out early. There was a short group hike that day, but several of my friends and I elected to go back into Bariloche to shop before we left for the airport. It was Dianna, Lindsay, and Holly. We had a great time because it was low key. We ate at a nice pizzeria for lunch and ended up sitting in a park and relaxing before the bus picked us up. All of us were very tired from all of the excitement from the weekend.

This is the motley crew: Dianna, Lindsay,
and Holly (from left to right) chillin' at the
park. Note the people making out in
the background--so Argentine!

We had a lot of fun. I bought some great cheap t-shirts, and my friend Holly was hit on by a store owner and got free sunglasses over all of this. It was a pretty day.

This is Diana showing off her flashy new ring
purchased at the artesian market (turquoise) and
wielding Holly's beautiful amethyst earrings.

Our bus picked us up and we headed to the airport. We had a 22:00 flight back to Buenos Aires’s Newberry Jorge Airport. I think everyone was very tired during the flight. It was a very smooth flight until we got to Buenos Aires, which was still having bad weather. (apparently there had been a tornado touchdown earlier in the day) The landing was rocky. I was glad to be back in Buenos Aires because I love this city.

The program arranged us to go back to our homes in buses. I got home after midnight. María had her nieces there and they got home just a little bit after I got home. Therefore, she had a meal for all of us. Usually we have empanadas de carne on Sunday nights. Matias (María’s son) burnt them, therefore he whipped up some milanesas and María made my favorite tomato-cucumber-basil salad. Everything was very tasty and it was good to be back home with my Argentine family.

P.S. María thought my story about my underwear being soaked was hysterical. I think I have a true Argentine mom now, she says the same sarcastic things my family is prone to do at times, haha. Also, hotel’s laundry services are a godsend. I only had 2 pairs of jeans, and my clothing was cruddy, and they laundered one pair for me!
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Steven said...

Loved hearing about your trip to Bariloche! Jeff and I have always wanted to go there. Sorry you had a soggy time of it -- but the area looks absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.