Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Día de la guerra de Malvinas

April 2 in Argentina is a federal holiday in rememberance of the Malvinas War in 1982. The Malvinas Islands are a group of islands off the southeastern coast of Argentina. Historically the islands have been a part of Argentina, but they have been occupied formally by Britain since 1828. The British renamed the islands to the Falkland Islands, and built a large naval base on this group of islands.

Argentina, under direction of a dictator, invaded the Malvinas Islands in 1982. The British took over 10,000 people prisoner, who were later released. Britain lost 236 people, while Argentina suffered 655 deaths. Because Britain was prepared with a naval base, it has been said that they have a large advantage over Argentina. The United Nations issued a resolution for both parties to retract there forces and seek a diplomatic answer. According to my history professor yesterday, a large reason why Argentina invaded them at the time was because Britain had reduced their troop levels. He reported that afterward Britain built the forces back up.

Today, even though Argentina lost this important battle, it is remembered. Strategically Argentina hopes over time that Britain will relinquish control of the Malvinas Islands and return control back to Argentina. President Kirschner has arranged trips, and continues to plan more trips, to convince Britain of the need to return the Malvinas Islands--or British named Falkland Islands--back to Argentina.

I think that the chapter of history on the Malvinas Islands is just beginning to be written...

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