Monday, April 14, 2008

Final Classes

This past I finally have confirmed the classes I'm taking this semester. As I mentioned in a previous post about the 13 classes that I was "trying" before I decided on my actual classes for the semester. Finally I have gone through that process and I turned in my class choices for the semester to the program (COPA).

I've decided to take two course at USAL. The first is a sociological seminar on public health and the other is an Introduction to Neurosciences. These two courses will add to the two courses I'm taking through COPA (Independent Study and Castellano/Spanish Culture and Society). I'm happy with my choices.

This semester I seem to have more things to read then I ever had at Gettysburg. I think that it's a mix of the fact that all of my courses are in Spanish and all the reading takes longer. I'm finding it rewarding to do the readings since I can tell that my Spanish reading is improving in result of reading so many texts. I'll save my lament about Spanish literature for a future post :-P

Since I have a ton of reading this week, I hope to work on updating my blog during breaks. I have quite a few new things to share :-D Chau, un abrazo.

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