Thursday, April 24, 2008

PA Primary--Part 2

Oh my...primaries are over in Pennsylvania and Hillary won (54.6%) over Obama (45.4%). This was the first election I really had to struggle to decide my candidate. I know that they both have problems, but I also firmly believe that either of the candidates could positively benefit the US. My main concern is that now we run the risk of fragmenting the party and not having enough time and energy to elect a Democrat in the White House.

It's funny because a few Argentines asked me yesterday about my state. I continue to find it interesting that they're all inequitably in favor of Obama. I think it's quite interesting. They all seem to like his youthful vision and feel that it is much more important than experience. However I think Argentine's associate bad things with experience (i.e. corruption) given their tumultuous history.

I called my grandma Tuesday evening to see what happened in my precinct. That was a lot of fun. It's really awesome that with the advent of technology, i.e. Skype, it's possible to keep a sense of normality with family. She told me I sounded like I was in Gettysburg :-P How cute.

I love my grandparents!

...and back on's still a long time until November--and an even longer time until January.

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