Friday, May 9, 2008

RENT! the musical in Buenos Aires at the Konex!

A photo of the 3 Argentinian friends in front of the Konex: Me, Lindsay, and Matt from left to right
I had an amazing time two weeks ago when I took my friends to see RENT! in Buenos Aires. I can say this is easily one of my favorite Broadway shows to date. It was really exciting because the musical was completely in Spanish. I didn't ever have the opportunity to see this show in the US, and it was way cool to see it here.

The Konex is a cultural center that is in the heart of Abasto, which is a part of Once. The center was renovated from what seems to have been a warehouse. This was a really neat thing since Rent takes place more or less in a warehouse too. One of the great things is that part of the actual theatre blended into the set.

Like in New York, they have a Sorteo or raffle for the best tickets in the house--front row. Here it takes place every performance day at 5PM. I went earlier that afternoon and entered my name and received FRONT ROW TICKETS!!! I also should add that they only cost me $8US. (Take that, all my European Study Abroad you can't beat that in Denmark). I definitely would like to go back. Matt, Lindsay, and I surely had a great time!

525,600 minutes, how can you measure the life of a woman or man?
525.600 los minutos, ¿cómo podés medir la vida de una mujer o hombre? (¡en Buenos Aires por el semestre!--In Buenos Aires for the semester!)

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Tiffany said...

Hey, I heard that was a very good musical. I had been told that the actors were brilliant and the atmosphere was quite good. Last year I went to Buenos Aires because people say that it is like Broadway, full of new productions, theatres, cinemas, casinos, etc.
it was true, I rented an apartment in buenos aires right in the very center of the city and nights were magical.
I would like to return with my parents that are theatre fans.