Friday, May 30, 2008

Surprise Visit, from past student Alex

Family shot. Alex is in the back. The second row is Matias (Marías son), Ingenuo (Carolina's Daughter), Carolina (María's daughter), María. In the front is "la bruja".

Last week we had an unexpected visitor from one of María's past students. Alex is originally from Minnesota, however is studying in Phoenix, Arizona now. He was in town because he and a friend, Kirk, were taking a course in Microfinance in Paraguay. They decided to swing by Buenos Aires and say hello to the family.

It was cool to meet Alex. He stayed at María's house for a year. They have a neat connection because of how Alex learned a lot of spanish from María.

When Alex was studying in Buenos Aires Carolina, María's daughter, was living very close to María. Therefore Alex was around Carolina quite a bit. Ingenuo was apparently Alex's daily alarm clock during his stay at María's house.

The last picture is adorable with María and "la bruja". I worked for about 45 minutes to get a picture of her smiling and finally it happened while María was bouncing her up and down on her lap. So precious...but apparently this one is very "attitudinal".

I'm glad I grew out of that phase...maybe my mother wouldn't agree with that statement...jeje

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