Thursday, May 15, 2008

Temaikèn Zoo

Colored pencil flamingo painting by D. Neagley
The flamingos inspired me to do some painting/sketching. This is a colored pencil drawing done on a sketch pad.
Matt, Lindsay and I went to Temaikèn Zoo on a federal holiday a few weeks ago. This was about an hour and half drive from Buenos Aires by the #60 semi-express bus. This zoo was one of the neatest zoo's I've ever been to, however I might have to have conversations with my zoo-expert-cousin-Anya to completely verify my claim to its greatness.

The cool part of the zoo is that it is much larger than most zoo's since it is not in a downtown section of the city. I think this is a much more humane way to have zoo's, especially since it still can serve its educational purposes and increases the overall health of the animals. Also since the collection focuses on local species, it helps educate people of the wild life around them instead of the typical zoo collection.

I really appreciated the fact that this zoo focused on mostly exhibiting species indigenous to South America. I was especially impressed of their collection of South American fish, too. The flamingos were a highlight and definitely inspired some creative juices, as you can see one of my paintings on this post.

This sign greeted us as we went into the zoo.
We had a lot of fun, and I took a lot of pictures. Make sure you look at the gorgeous flamingos. I also thought the pictures of the little bird underneath a four-footed-friend was particularly interesting.

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Nick said...

Ohh temaiken zoo is incredible, i've been there some months ago, i found some apartment for rent Buenos Aires where i stayed for almost 1 month ! I got to visited almost everything, as part of my trip i also went to the bs as zoo, and also a zoo that's located in Lujan (70kilometers from the city) The funny thing about this one is that you can touch the animals ! i touched a lion !