Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Football or Fútbol...the same

I'm sitting here trying to study for my Neurociencias midterm tomorrow and am interrupted by cheers, horns, and yelling from all over Buenos Aires. You might wonder why. It's not the paro yet--even though it might return. It's fútbol.

We are having yet another game among the thousands of games that take place here all of the time. This time it is Boca vs. Alta (from México). Matias, María's son, is a fan of Boca. Shall I say a little obsessed over Boca? Then I have María cursing while she's watching them score and saying nasty Argentine words so fast that I never can pick them up--it's clearly intentional so I can't learn them. Anytime Boca makes a goal the whole neighborhood lights up with cheers and screaming.

Time for a more esoteric question: Why is man and woman so obsessed with games that involve balls? I've often pondered this question.

I've never really been a huge sports fan...with the exception to the Olympics. I'm always captivated to watching hours of Olympic content every 2 years--love weird sports like Skeleton. The only other sports I watch are figure skating, some swimming, and speed skating. However, many wouldn't really consider those real sports.

In conclusion, I don't think it matters. Fútbol--soccer in Argentina--or Fútbol Americana--football in the US--insights the same barbaric behavior.

I couldn't resist posting this. I usually dealt with this while living at Gettysburg with Morgan when the Ravens games weren't on our TV lineup. ¡Qué pena!

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