Sunday, July 6, 2008

Knitting -- Mi Bufanda, Reversible Cable Scarf

Winter started in Buenos Aires. I panicked! I had to make a scarf. I couldn't buy one because that would just be counter productive when I'm a pretty skilled knitter, right? I actually finished this the end of March, but I didn't have time to blog and to take pictures until now.

I usually just like working with wool or other natural fibers, but since I didn't have any other options, I settled with this cotton/acrylic mix I found at a local yarn store here.

I have recently had an interest in cables, and reversible cables are pretty nifty since they are perfect for scarves. I found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's web site that I thought would do the job. I liked it quite a bit because the pattern was pretty simple to memorize. By the 3rd or 4th round I didn't have to count any of the rows any more.

I knitted this scarf with the only circular needles I could find in Buenos Aires. I really abhor these needles and I am going to buy a complete set of the Interchangeable needles from Knitpicks the second I get back to the states--I should have listened to my friend Janelle and purchased them before I left. Oh well, I'll learn to listen to her the next time.
For the yarn being cotton, it did knit up well and quickly. I had this finished in about a week, and of course let it sit around for several days before I finally tucked in the ends (my least favorite part of the knitting process). I've been wearing it a lot and it keeps my neck warm!

Scarves are sure "la moda" or the fashion here. Thanks to this pattern I have a stylish scarf that I'll always associate with Buenos Aires.

Check this out on Ravelry.

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Steven said...

Beautiful! I'm not a bright color person most of the time -- but I really like this. Looks good on you.

I've never tried reversible cables -- perfect idea for a scarf. Good job!

(Wish it was winter here in Texas...)

neagley said...

Haha...I know. I'll make you jealous now. I'm going to go out and walk in the mild 60 weather this morning :-D

Yeah, I'm not normally a bright color person either. However I wanted something different and stylish. Argentines LOVE color. Honestly I had a lot of fun knitting something other than my usual drab blue-grey-green combo.

Andrea said...

Ah, reversible cables are the way to go about scarves!

I've been planning to do one of these since eons ago... never actually sat down to do it.

Yours looks beautiful, nice, long, cabled and bright. Excelent.