Thursday, July 3, 2008

Starbucks Opening in Buenos Aires

Starbucks comes to Buenos Aires opening in Alto Palermo, which is a large shopping mall in Palermo. For many weeks the lines have been incredibly long, all waiting to get inside for the beloved "Starbucks" coffee. One night coming home from USAL, I stopped to get my favorite peppermint latè.

I've been back 1 other time. I like Starbucks coffee, but seriously I can get it in the US anytime. I much prefer Argentine coffee culture. It's much more about the "experience" of coffee.

Argentines like to have coffee in the afternoons while reading a book or socializing with a friend. Usually this starts from 4-7PM. Often times they will munch on a cookie, portion of cake, tostado (a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, more to come on this), or empanada. This whole "grab your coffee and leave" American model of Starbucks is different.

I will say that Starbucks has implemented a lot of products with Argentine things. It will be interesting to see how business continues after the main craze wears off.
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