Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo of the Day -- El submarino

This is one of those genuine Argentine treats you can order in the afternoons. This is a submarino, which is a version of hot chocolate. You order the drink and usually the waiter brings you piping hot milk and a chocolate bar--either already in the milk or waiting for you to drop it in on the side as in the photo. After several minutes and a little stirring, the chocolate melts creating a wonderful hot beverage.

My friend Lindsay is addicted to them. According to her, the best part is that the chocolate doesn't completely dissolve. Then at the end you're left with a "chocolaty" treat with all of the little chocolate pieces that float to the bottom. I'd have to agree; it's quite tasty.

I don't know why it gets its name as a submarino. However sometimes the chocolate is shaped like a submarine. However since I've been looking for one of these elusive bars of chocolate, I haven't been able to find one!

Make one of these tasty Argentine treats at home to give you a version of the Porteño life!

Pictures courtesy of my friend Ronald, since I didn't have my camera with me.
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Andrea said...

HI Dave, I don't think you'll find the submarino shaped chocolate bars anywhere, they send them to bars and restaurants but not retail.

The individual chocolate bars taste just the same though, don't you think.

Shame on you, I'm reading this at the office, it's Friday afternoon, 5.20, to be exact, and now I'm craving a submarino.

neagley said...

jejeje...well the problem is that we were searching and searching for one of these submarino shaped chocolate bars for Lindsay before she lefts. We missed it sadly :(

Well I understand the cravings. You just have to order one to the office!