Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo of the Day -- Cats, Cats everywhere!

This cat was sighted in Recoleta Cemetery. Just was watching and chilling on the cool tile.
Buenos Aires is notorious for the feral cats. Part of the problem is that the kitties are being fed by many older people in the community that creates more of a problem. Like in the US, people drop the cats off at a place if they no longer can care for them, which is very sad.

I've been taking a series of photos of feline friends this semester. I'm most intrigued that there are very few colorful cats here--mainly black and white. These calico cats are special and rare. Although they look similar, they both live in very different parts of the city.

This cat was found in the Jardín Botánico close to my apartment. Isn't it cute?
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Yvette said...

I wanted to tell you something about the picture of the cat in the cemetery - her name is Madonna and I brought her along with 5 of her friends back to Chicago. I found them all wonderful homes - they deserved so much more than life in a cemetery!